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ᑭᑲᓄᔥ ᒥᓄᔭᐧᐃ ᐧᐃᑐᑲᑫᐧᐃᓐ ᑲᐧᐊᐧᐃᓐᑕᒪᑫᑦ ᑫᐃᔑᓇᓇᑐᓇᒪᓐ ᐧᐃᑲᐧᑫᐧᑌᔭᓐ. ᑭᔥᐱᓐ ᑕᓀᑕᒪᓐ ᑲᑕᒪᑫᐧᐃᓐ ᒪᑯᓇᓐ ᐅᐅᒪ ᒪᑯᓇᓐ ᐅᐅᒪᑭᔥᐱᓐ ᐧᐃᑲᓄᓇᑦ ᒥᓄᔭᐧᐃ ᐧᐃᑐᑲᑫᐧᐃᓐ ᑲᐧᐊᐧᐃᓐᑕᒪᑫᑦ ᑫᐃᔑᓇᓇᑐᓇᒪᓐ, ᐃᔑᑭᑭᑐᓐ ᐅᐅᒪ 1-844­‐NAN­‐HOPE (1­‐844‐626‐4673).

NAN Hope is committed to offering a safe, secure, and respectful space for our staff and clients. Words or actions that are abusive, discriminatory, harassing or violent, in any way, will not be tolerated and will be addressed appropriately.

ᑭᔥᐱᓐ ᐊᓐᑕᐧᐁᑕᒪᓐ ᒋᑲᐧᑫᐧᑌᑕᒪᑯᔭᓐ ᒋᐧᐃᑐᑕᑯᔭᓐ ᒪᑯᓇᓐ ᐅᐅᒪ click here ᒋᒧᔥᑭᓀᐱᐊᒪᓐ ᐧᐃᑐᑲᑯᐧᐃᓐ ᒧᔥᑭᓀᐱᐃᑲᓐ.